WOW Servers


ELEMENTARYWOW is a 3.3.5a private Wotlk project that offers 5x XP rate and 24/7 uptime. It has Scripted Instances, PVP outdoors, Bizzlike server, All raids with Pathfinding, no-lag, Working BGs and much more.




WoW Freakz is the best Legion private server with a huge number of online players, demonstrating our matchless quality in universe of warcraft tops, as our opposition neglects to convey working Legion substance, we keep on giving you blizzlike PvE experiences and PvP content.


WOW Mania

World of Warcraft Mania is possibly the best Player versus Environment server on the net. Created by developers who also love playing the game, it’s been designed more for gamers with questing in mind that battleground play. Saying that, the player to player features are just as impressive as the environment features with well-designed arena battles. (more…)

Heroes WOW

Heroes, World of Warcraft, is a popular server for gamers with a 255-point level cap. Playing tiers 1-23, it’s a fun realm with a working arena and battleground areas as well as specially designed quests. The custom mall offers over 50,000 items to purchase and the team have designed several new races.