Alternatives to Frostmourne


WoW Freakz is the best Legion private server with a huge number of online players, demonstrating our matchless quality in universe of warcraft tops, as our opposition neglects to convey working Legion substance, we keep on giving you blizzlike PvE experiences and PvP content.


Neverendless WOW

Neverendless has been providing a free World of Warcraft online service for over 9 years. The website is constantly updated, and they have recently started running on a new discord server. It’s an active player vs player and environment community with friendly, helpful development staff. The server offers three different levelling rates to cater for players of varied ability. The most notable feature of Neverendless WOW is the developer’s strict rules on policy. Players who abuse either the system or other users face temporary bans, having their character stripped of levels, items, gold, or – in extreme cases account deletions. This prevents bullying tactics, racial abuse etc. and promotes fair play and user friendliness. For this reason, Neverendless is a good server for younger, more novice players to explore World OfWarcraft for the first time.


WOW Mortal


World of Warcraft Mortal is another server offering amazing player to player and player to environment content. Using the latest instant patches, it has over 100 realms to explore. Customer malls, battleground and arena areas are all 100% working on this server. The developers offer a nice balance of both spells and classes, but nothing particularly unique or custom.