ELEMENTARYWOW is a 3.3.5a private Wotlk project that offers 5x XP rate and 24/7 uptime. It has Scripted Instances, PVP outdoors, Bizzlike server, All raids with Pathfinding, no-lag, Working BGs and much more.



Thorium WoW

Thorium WoW has added exciting new features to enhance the gaming experience of the players. There are increased stats on PVP gear, increased HP, token for a new tire and much more in the new version. Upgrade to 3.3.5a server and enjoy Wrath of the Lich King PVP server with MOP display ids and Cataclysm.



Enjoy the Bizzlike x1-x2 in the main kingdom of WOTLK with WoWArg. There are terrestrial mounts, RaF’s and raffle to enjoy it. Just link your account with one of your friends or play solo in the kingdom of realmlist.



Metal WoW MMORPG is the group of World of Warcraft Private you’re searching for the best treated with painstaking quality experience and our most prominent want, to appreciate all the substance with an extraordinary affair.


Elite WoW

Warcraft Brazilian is all set to change the way people used to play the game with their new and innovative private server called EliteWow. Defeat the golden Elite creature and win the game. There will be variously integrated buffs you will encounter while being in the game.



Get set to take on the adventure tour in the world of Warcraft with your favorite superhero character. Create the avatar, select the race and the class that suits your character and be the legend of Azeroth. If you are already enjoying the game, upgrade your garrison to next level and relieve the moments.


Rising Gods WoW

Rising Gods WoW is a German Wrath (3.3.5) server based on Trinity Core. It is one of the very few decent Wrath servers with all the content released. The game is well scripted, with incredible content and a really friendly player base.


Ilaros WoW

Ilaros WoW is an advanced yet easy-to-use gaming platform that is fun-packed with lots of gaming levels, farms, quests and much more. If you love to enjoy video games in the family atmosphere, then get Ilaros WoW that also supports World of Warcraft 335a and 4.3.4 expansions.



EVOWOW is one of the finest gaming servers designed for gaming enthusiasts. EVOWOW delivers a brilliant gaming experience that you can’t expect from any ordinary gaming server. This gaming server easily supports World of Warcraft 3.3.5a expansion.


Garrison WoW

Garrison is the main feature introduced in Warlords of Draenor. It is customizable character-specific sub-zones, where players can construct and manage their base operations against the Iron Horde. Each garrison building provides a unique purpose and offers different rewards.



Eternal-WoW is a superior gaming server intended for the better gaming experience. It has a 32GB DDR3 RAM that takes your gaming experience to the next level. This server emphasizes on creating daily backups so that you need not worry regarding your game when you need to continue.



True WoW is a game from Wizcraft that offers a bizzlike 1x rates that are patched to 3.3.5a server. It features Original WorLK realm and progressive Vanilla TBC WotLK realm.



The server that aims to be the best in the world of Wow Warcraft Cataclysm is WoWZealot. With this, you will get the best quality and 5x rates blizzlike realm. It packs 3.3.5 WOTLK level, and PvE and PvP realm to give you an enjoyable experience.



Uwow is a free private Wow server from the World of Warcraft that offers Cross-realm battlegrounds and arena, Gunship Battle, geodata, transmogrification, arena spectator, archeology and rated battlegrounds and much more.



The server that aims to be the best in the world of Wow Warcraft Cataclysm is WoWZealot. With this, you will get the best quality and 5x rates blizzlike realm. It packs 3.3.5 WOTLK level, and PvE and PvP realm to give you an enjoyable experience.



Azeroth is more like a galaxy of Warcraft games that have witnessed races, dwarves, tauren, trolls, gnomes, dragons and much more. It’s one of the best private serves with a plethora of features. The new version features new allied races and different character slots.



TauriWoW is a Pandaria private server which offers x1 xp rates, z1 exploration rates, x1 drops, x1 quest rates and x1 gold. The server is providing original scripted content along with Cataclysm zones. The content, as of now, is on patch 5.0 and will be on other realms in anytime soon. There’s a VIP membership also that you can use to unlock additional features which are not in the gameplay.


Raqland 1.12.1 Vanilla WoW Server

Be a part of Raqland 1.12.1 Vanilla WoW Server and enjoy fair GMs. It’s fast and easy with no handouts. Plus, you will not encounter any lags. It offers 100% Uptime with no pay to play offer. You will encounter friendly players and PVE Multi-Boxing feature.


Olympo WoW

Olympo WoW is a 3.3.5a server that features 80 player levels to take part in the Olympus adventure. Already started playing?

Invite your friends to take part in it and redeem rewards. We are also working with DB and Core to make your experience marvelous. 



Monster is the World Largest and most Working 4.3.4 Cataclysm and 7.1.5 Legion Private Server Emerald Nightmare,Order Hall,Artifact Weapons,Rated Battleground,Archaeology,Dragon Soul,Firelands,Armory join now! 



WoW Freakz is the best Legion private server with a huge number of online players, demonstrating our matchless quality in universe of warcraft tops, as our opposition neglects to convey working Legion substance, we keep on giving you blizzlike PvE experiences and PvP content.


Neverendless WOW

Neverendless has been providing a free World of Warcraft online service for over 9 years. The website is constantly updated, and they have recently started running on a new discord server. It’s an active player vs player and environment community with friendly, helpful development staff. The server offers three different levelling rates to cater for players of varied ability. The most notable feature of Neverendless WOW is the developer’s strict rules on policy. Players who abuse either the system or other users face temporary bans, having their character stripped of levels, items, gold, or – in extreme cases account deletions. This prevents bullying tactics, racial abuse etc. and promotes fair play and user friendliness. For this reason, Neverendless is a good server for younger, more novice players to explore World OfWarcraft for the first time.


WOW Mortal


World of Warcraft Mortal is another server offering amazing player to player and player to environment content. Using the latest instant patches, it has over 100 realms to explore. Customer malls, battleground and arena areas are all 100% working on this server. The developers offer a nice balance of both spells and classes, but nothing particularly unique or custom.

WOW Mania

World of Warcraft Mania is possibly the best Player versus Environment server on the net. Created by developers who also love playing the game, it’s been designed more for gamers with questing in mind that battleground play. Saying that, the player to player features are just as impressive as the environment features with well-designed arena battles. (more…)

Heroes WOW

Heroes, World of Warcraft, is a popular server for gamers with a 255-point level cap. Playing tiers 1-23, it’s a fun realm with a working arena and battleground areas as well as specially designed quests. The custom mall offers over 50,000 items to purchase and the team have designed several new races.


History of Frostmourne

Frostmourne was until recently a private server running an open world, multiplayer platform for World of Warcraft. Described by the makers of the Game, Blizzard, as a high population realm’, it ran from 2009 until 2017 hosting up to 7000 (mainly advanced) players daily. These players formed factions to explore the world and battle opposing factions for the territory and resources available. At its height, Frostmourne was one of the largest World of Warcraft servers on the net, and had a considerable reputation among gamers.

The server was operated on Australian Eastern Standard and Daylight Time (Winter/Summer). It was therefore populated predominantly with players from Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia (plus some West coast US players). One of the attractions of Frostmourne was that it was specifically a Player versus Player server. This made it a fast paced, violent battleground, where players were killed in real-time by others and corpse camping’ was considered fair game. Corpse camping’ is a term used to describe a killer waiting for his or her opponent to respawn in the same location to kill them again (and again, and again…). In other servers designed more for questing than pure combat, this is considered harassment, but for users on the Frostmourne server, the high-octane, relentless fight was the main draw.

Its Features

There were several interesting features, which set Frostmourne apart from other free World of Warcraft servers. Players enjoyed the open battleground layout of maps and the active 2vs2 (two players fighting another two simultaneously), and 3vs3 (three fighting three) matches. Apart from real-time players on the server, Frostmourne had lots of daily raids from computer generated opponents and excellent open end-content, both of which made play varied and exciting.

One of the best features on the server were the guildhouses. Players who were members of any Guild could type .guildhouse’ in the comms window to be teleported to their Guild. In the guildhouse, features such as buying items and rations with gold from both Guild and personal bank accounts to equip a character, or auctioning unwanted items were possible. Every class of profession in the game were also represented in the Guild. Players could train in lockpicking, archery, hand-to-hand combat, healing, magic, and many other skills. From the guildhouse, portals to all areas of the map made movement and exploration quicker and easier for Guild member players.

All open world servers (and particularly free ones) suffer from bugs and glitches. Players using the Frostmourne world appreciated it was better developed than most. Free-maps were well designed to prevent falling through worlds and even when this happened corrections were made very quickly to bring you back into gameplay. The data stream feed was also extremely fast and made gameplay seamless, with minimal loading times.

Alternative WOW Servers

Now that Frostmourne has ceased operating, other servers offering similar free open worlds have filled the gap, becoming more popular with gamers. They compete with one another to get people playing by offering various additional extras. A server’s viability and longevity depend solely on gaining support from the gaming community and persuading people to sign up and play. With that in mind, here are four excellent alternatives to the now defunct and sadly missed Frostmourne.


Frostmourne was the runic blade that Ner’zhul, the Lich King, had cast from the Ice Throne, with the intention that Arthas Menethil – his potential unconscious host – would discover him on the continent of Northrend. It was used by Arthas, the new Lich King, until it was destroyed by Tirion Fordring following his defeat at Icecrown Citadel.

A gold-plated replica of Frostmourne’s guard is now on display at Dalaran, in place on the statue of Tirion Fordring. The shards of the weapon are used in Legion 18 × 18 World of Warcraft: Legion to forge Icebringer & Soulreaper artifacts for Frost Death Knights to fight the Burning Legion.