Seasonend-Tournament FM

March 24th by Mononukleose 2
Dear Community,

the end is near: Seasonend on Frostmourne!

To the crowning ending we are planing a 2s pvp tournament on Frostmourne (WoTLk) to enable a fair chance of getting a title.
This tournament takes place on 23th May 2017 on our WoTLk tournament realm.

We warmly invite R1-R10 of the seasonend 2s ladder and up to 4 allotted teams who get the possibility to get hold of a title.

Here a short information:

   Registration of teams: 4 p.m. - 4.30 p.m.
   Draw of the matches: 4.30 p.m. - 4.55 p.m.
   Official begin: 5 p.m
   There is no official ending of the tournament due to the number of participants and the duration of each arena game.
   (A game with a length of 30 minutes will be evaluatet as draw)

Reward system:

After seasonend

R1 of the 2s ladder:
   Title: Merciless Gladiator
   Merciless Nether Drake
   Murkimus' Little Spear
   arbitrary mount
   30 frostpoints

After the tournament:
   1st: Title: Gladiator, Swift Nether Drake, arbitrary mount, 20 frostpoints
   2nd: Title: Duellist, arbitrary mount, 10 frostpoints
   3rd: Title: Challenger, dealable arbitrary mount, 5 frostpoints
   Each other will receive Brother Rekus and Riding Turtle as booby prize.

   No scripts or hacks
   No insults
   No double heal comp
   Follow orders and planings of the team
   And of course enough fun and time
   if there are not enough participants, we will change the rewards or cancel the tournament
   it is possible for the rules to change during the tournament

We are looking forward to some exciting games and get some popcorn ready!
There are other pvp events planed for the time after the tournament - further information will follow!

Your PvP-Team
Leinad55 #2
Sind bestimmt viele an nem Dienstag um 16 uhr nachmittags online ;D
Stoffi #1
Kann ich jetzt mitmachen wenn ich auch nicht unter den top 10 bin oder wird das zufällig unter allen teams ausgelost?