Welcome on the new homepage!

March 24th by Mediv 4

It's finally here!

Welcome on our new homepage!
We are proud to present the latest and newest features to you... finally!

In a new dress...

As you probably noticed already, our logo has changed.
Our old logo covered the aspects of "Wotlk / Cata" but these aspect are no longer enough since we are about to launch Legion soon.
We had to create a new logo and our homepage had that modern design which we definitely wanted to integrate into our new logo, too.

* Pass me the screwdriver, time for an invention! *
There are alot of new features we want to present to you.
/!\ Important Information /!\ Not all features are accessible yet. Due to performance issues we have to active them one-by-one. We keep a closer look on security, performance issues and user feedback. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

New Features

* Responsive on all devices
If you want to check out the forums on mobile devices

Improves performance due to new engine
Caching is currently disabled, we might need to enable it throughout the day - if there are any issues.

* Applications made simple
If you are telling us that it is too hard to apply now... Nope. Create an application - We are maybe waiting exactly for you! :-)

* Weekly patchnotes
After the first test phase we will even automatically generate those.. Never miss a change...

* Many new forum features
New editor, New design, Signatures and so on...

* Event Calendar 
Our FM events in a calendar.. now you are not going to miss any of those juicy events... - After the first test phase we are even going to notify you for events you have signed in.

* Guild homepage 
Covers a member roster, guild banking, "About us" Section, your very own Raidplanner and a recruit system.

* Own Guides
Create your own guide about a dungeon, class.. or whatever floats your boat. We are looking forward to read you max-damage guides :-)

* WoW Addons
Looking for an addon? Want to share an addon with friends? Here you can upload and share it easily.

* Arsenal
You know what it is... Will be activated later.

* Your profile
Many changes on your profile page. You can now upload your avatar on our site instead of using Gravatr, Promocodes and a completly new vote/account section. Check it out!

Have fun discovering all the changes! ~ 
Your Frostmourne Team!

Don't forget: Alot of the new features will be activate within the upcoming week after release.
beaverknight #4
yea exactly it brings to homepage. I think it is still to be completed at that manner
cilleyeah #3
cant join the game after making an acc. why?
Bavaria #2
Had the same problem. Search for Guides on the Homepage und you'll find a connection guide in german or english. cheers
assassindruid #1
How do I connect to the server? When I click connection guide it brings me to the home page