[FM/FB]FM-Christmasevent! //Update 04.01.2017

24.11.2016 21:06:10
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Dear Community,
A mysterious energy fizzles on the surface of Dalaran:

The Kirin Tor of Dalaran are in turmoil! They can feel a strange energy drifting around in Dalaran.
For the moment, this energy is weak, but it gets stronger from minute to minute and takes shape!

You should definitely look at Dalaran tonight, maybe a new adventure is already waiting for you today!
If there is something new, you will find it out here.

The Christmas spirits! - Welcome to our Christmas event!
The time is now! But this what happend, you couldn't imagine! 
The christmas spririts have been appeared and they will have a new challenges for you every day. 
But that's not enough. The row of quests begins at 26th of November at the central fountain of Dalaran. 
Begin a journey through Azeroth and face new challenges.
You can look forward to see a well-known figur again and a suprise, that will be released at the 24th of December!
Get exclusive and exciting rewards.

You should hurry, the spirits will disappear at the 5th of January 2017.

Quest + Surprise //Update 24.12.2016
Unfortunately we have bad news. Because of technical problems the last quest + suprise  will be moved to another date. The quest + suprise will be released in the next few days.

Great-Father Winter //Update 28.12.2016
Is available

Christmasquestline extended!  //UPDATE 04.01.2017
The quest line and the dungeon will be extended until 12.01.2017.
We lowered the difficulty of the dungeon!
Further information as well as a changelog is in the thread.

We appreciate your understanding.

We wish you a lot of fun with this event,
your Frostmourne-Team

26.11.2016 17:06:01
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Really a nice idea, thanks to the staff that now translates ads in English (in game), great job! ^^
- Azzaleo
04.12.2016 00:14:03
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... welllllll ... it's not QUITE great english. Personally, it would have been cooler (IMHO) if it was just all in German ... that's what I actually enjoy about playing on a German server!

But hey ... if you ever need a German --> English translation, let me know !!!

Vielen Dank, aber, an das Frostmourne Team fuer die fette Leistung !!!
04.12.2016 03:33:03
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Language depends on your WoW Client. If you are using the english client you'll get english texts, if using german one - german texts.

And thanks dude! :)
04.12.2016 05:15:02
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Oh I know that ... thanks, though. I just remember older event quests where they ONLY came in German, and some of those German ones where pretty badass!

Thank YOU, Modox ... I like seeing you ingame, man ... I like how you check up on your handiwork from time to time ... it's been a while since I've seen a Dev be that active. Please keep up the very fine work, sir.
28.12.2016 22:55:51
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Dear Community,

Heroes, something terrible has happened: Greatfather Winter turned evil and lodged himself inside the Stormwind Stockade along with his henchmen.
Hurry and defeat him before it's too late!

Frostmourne, finally our christmas surprise will be released: a very own dungeon.
5 bosses, many beautifully decorated room, interesting fights and of course the reward for out questline.

You can visit the dungeon even without the quest, it will be open until 12.1.17 and you can complete the quest right after defeating the final boss.

The dungeon is located inside Stormwind Stockade (heroic).

Have fun and good luck wishes

Your Frostmourne-Team
04.01.2017 01:42:35
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Changelog (04.01.2017) - Christmas- Questline & Dungeon

Welcome to the new year!
At 3 a.m. we lower the dungeon difficulty. More information watch below.
We increase the duration of the christmas questline due to release problems.
The quest line and the dungeon will be extended until 12.01.2017.

The changes in the dungeon only affect Wrath of the Lich King.

Changes in the dungeon:
        Death and Decas > Damage reduced
    Professor Xodom
        Blood beast > Spawnposition changed
    Greatfather Winter

        Little helper > Movementspeed decreased
        Remorseless winter > Damage reduced
        Touch of eona > healing reduced
        Present guards> enrage begins from 90% health
04.01.2017 22:49:25
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Cataclysm realm is restarting at 3 a.m. with the following changes in the christmas dungeon:

Greatfather Winter
    Little helper> Life was increased by 40%
    Frost Breath > Removed Frost Breath after Greatfather Winter's teleport

Have fun & thanks for your feedback!
12.01.2017 13:08:19
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Today is the last day of our christmas questline!
We remove all quests and the christmas dungeon, incl. Greatfatahter Winter and his servants, at midnight!
Use the last 10 hours to get your rewards!

Edit: christmas questline ist now closed!